Will Stable Diffusion upend the art industry?

I’ve been interested in Stable Diffusion ever since Stability.Ai announced it’s release under a Creative ML OpenRAIL-M license (allowed for commercial and non-commercial usage).

Since then, I’ve been reading about it and have found a lot of articles on how to install and run it locally without the need for special or expensive hardware, for instances on Windows PC’s with just an RTX 3060, with zero code or AI and ML knowledge, some of them even have a GUI.

This has made me wonder, how long will it take until this changes completely the art world and how the art world will adapt in the face of this new technology.

The technology is still in its early stages and has yet to be perfected, but considering how easy it’s to adopt, and the impressive results it is having at this early stage, I think Stable Diffusion could upend the entire art industry.

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Hey bud,
How’d the weekend go? We better get after it, AI is coming for art for sure.

@edgarcheverier I think this forum is a good place to put notes and so on about whatever we learn on the subject (for now)

that way we can discuss here publicly.