Is generative AI plagiarism?

Today it was announced that a group was creating a class action lawsuit challenging Github in the legality of its Copilot product.

Here is a link to the announcement:

Personally, I think that generative AI needs to be slowed down a bit so the legal implications can be contemplated. For example:

  • License: Current licenses (open source, etc) were not developed with AI in mind. Most licenses require attribution at least, AI does not provide it but can emulate (steal) someones style in a heartbeat.
  • Trademark / Plagiarism: AI is copying the style of trademarked works of literature and art. As plagiarism is illegal, i think some of those laws apply here.

Ultimately, seems to me AI should exist to serve society and not destroy people’s careers and rush us towards a dystopia.

What do you think?

Seems like a decent point. I do think that there are different ways to slice this problem. Ultimately, I think AI is up for a few legal challenges and it could def be a problem if implemented without some checks…

here’s the debate on HN:

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I’m not a lawyer, but I think there needs to be some consideration…

“AI” is just fancy speak for “complex math program”. If I make a program that’s simply given an arbitrary input then, thought math operations, outputs Microsoft copyright code, am I in the clear just because it’s “AI”? I think they would sue the heck out of me if I did that, and I believe the opposite should be true as well.

I’m sure my own open source code is in that thing. I did not see any attributions, thus they break the fundamentals of open source.

In the spirit of Rick Sanchez; It’s just compression with extra steps.